For a world well led

2 november 2020

Can you change the world from you position? I believe you can. Leadership training from my point of wiev is always about the purpose - for a world well led. With my colleagues at Euro-Academy this is a core mission. When we train leaders and teams with the program Dynamic Management our aim is to improve leadership, team dynamics, communication and support companys and organisations to excel. By the personal and the professional training, building bridges is vital for development.

Bridging sectors
The Global Goals highlights that a successful sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, the private sector, NGO:s and the civil society. We try to create value to this in our leadership programs. We also put extra focus on mobilizing leadership skills and development for the NGO-sector. One of our core values are togetherness. Our focus in cross sector collaboration and good leadership, are key success factors for leverage a sustainable future.Cooperation and cross sector learning for a better world.

Bridging generations
It is we, the people of the earth, that holds the key to our future. To reach the goals in Agenda 2030, generations has to work and live side by side. Even if there is demographic and value differences we have to secure a common view for strong institutions, gender equality, diversity, health, climate change and sustainable consumption. The list is longer. So the gap must by shorter.

Euroacademy works with this area and we adress this by having leadership programs for all phases of life. We try to bridge wisdom from the elders to the more innovating eagerness of the young, and vice versa. Leadership for a sustainable future needs to align business, sustainability, life, hope and purpose - over generations on both a personal and a professional level. Wisdom in both directions - together for the future.

Bridging cultures 
As an European leadership institute EuroAcademy has the opportunity and the capacity to bring leadership skills to different places and cultures. We do this with the insights of how we are interdependent over cultures to reach the Globals Goals. We learn from each other. A sustainable future holds a leadership that is aware of this. Both in the marketplace, the public sector and in the NGO sector. On global and local level. 

EuroAcademy tries to bring leadership to places where other leadership actors seldom goes. In our program for Impact Travels we arrange local leadership seminars and see the world through the eyes of others. A transformation in both directions. Leadership to places in need - around the globe.


Here is how we can serve you, for a world well led:

Dynamic Management™ - Personal and Professional Leadership contains human coaching and digital learning combined. It is absolutely a foundational program for leadership development.  

- A module based training program with a personal leadership trainer / coach.
- For individuals and teams
- A personal online tool with theory, reflecting questions, analyses and a training/action plan.
- Personal and professional leadership aligned.
- Choose up to 5 modules of proven leadership concepts.
- Fully adjusted to personal and organizational situation.
- Step by step oriented process through training worksheets between sessions.
- Time and space flexible - set your own tempo and meet where you want.

For contact or more information:
Phone: +46(0)768222722